Hello, Miss 6-coffee-cups-a-day-for-the-past-many-years-or-so-but-still-in-love-with-creative-marketing-and-idea-enthousiast...

Is that you? Hope so.

Please find below our daily mix of coffee and passion. And write to us, if you believe, just like us, that being different while working together for the same goal is hot.

(Also, if the last 6 cups of coffee didn't make a difference in idea generation, you might as well drop by. We have the right milk and sugar to make the next coffee very, very, very, very, very productive!)




Dana Ștefan

Account Director & Keyboard Enthusiast

Ioana Popescu

Account Manager & Miss Initiative

Mirela Dimofte

Account Manager & Calm Guru

Florina Pădineanu

Senior Account Exec & Always-There-Buddy

Ilinca Marcu

Senior Account Exec & Chief Smile Officer

Oana Andrei

Account Director, Under Pressure Bomb

Anca Bădescu

Miss Serenity Account Manager

Lorena Stoica

Extreme Why Specialist & Brand Stewart


Fashion-Aficionada Account Manager

Dan Neagu

Superhero, Production & DTP Director

Paul Buruc

Night Bearded Owl & DTP Guru

Mădălin Bădescu

The-How-Are-You-Today DTP Wizzard

Bogdan Seceleanu

High on details DTP Magician

Cornel Preda

Always-on-silent-mode DTP Ninja

Roxana Roman

Warrior Princess & Production Specialist

Lavinia Plohod

Graphic Design Sorceress

Simona Ștefănescu

Solution Seeker Account Director

Mirela Iordache

Account Manager & Group Therapist

Andreea Truică

Account Manager & Freedom Promoter

Cristi Stănescu

Brand Guardian & Team Player

Florian Mirodonie

The Hipsterish Account Exec

Ioana Știrbulescu

Business Development Master & Chinese Drop

Sorin Trâncă

Rational Dreamer. Cold Hot Thinker. Humble Boss.

Nicu Stăncescu

Managing Director & Silence Listener

Andreea Dîrzeanu

Product Director & Meow Nazi

Zoe Enculescu

Digital Hippie & Color Enthusiast

Vlad Mareș

Tea-Loving Digital Loudmouth

Adrian Preda\Predu

Creative Director & Storytelling Mentor

Ruxandra Matache

Anthitesis Girl & Group Creative Soldier

Vladi Păunescu

Senior Copywriter & Life Adventurer

Mario Niculae

Art Direction & Tattoo Lover

Gabriel Miu

Art Director & Humor Devourer

Roxana Teodoru

Deep-Soul Copywriter & Introvert Thinker

Paul Nedelcu

Art Direction & Graphic Design Cupid

Anca Băcilă

Copywriter & Ironic Goddess

Irina Ștefan

Good-Vibe Oltenian Copywriter

Cristina Cazacu

Art Director & Pineapple Worshipper

Cristina Tupiță

Maramu' Copywriter & Human Encyclopaedia

Daniela Trășculescu

Cat Lady & Art Director

Mihai Burunția

Blond Art Director & Chilly Nice Guy

Mioara Munteanu

Sun-Addicted Financial Director

Florentina Baloșin

Number Cruncher & Easy Living Person

Dani Cioba

IT God & Nice Man

Alexandru Pomană

Idea Planner, Out-of-the-box Observer

Adriana Vasile

Persistent Pathfinder

Rareș Ciovică

Strategist & Mysterious Man

Petre Gheorghe

Omnipresent Handyman, BTL Black Belt



This is an agency for marketers with messy hair and a hungry heart.
This is an agency for rebels, lovers and heroes.
This is an agency for foolish people that believe in the power of ideas and are ready to embrace transformation.
This is an agency for explorers of all kinds. This is an agency for smarter brands.

This is an agency for smarter brands that aim to build a win-win relation with their consumers.
This is an agency that learns, un-learns, re-learns and is ready to share risk with its partners.
This is an agency that injects magic into marketing plans by means of soul, mastery and knowledge.

This is an agency that will question all your answers and curiously bring purpose to your business quest.
This is an agency where campaigns are hand-made by hardworking wizards.
This is an agency that gets things done.
When was the last time your agency was magic?