12 reasons why Friends/TBWA is the agency you need, if your business is looking for growth


we take pride in being chosen by TBWA to take Disruption® further. Our thinking always starts from an assessment of conventions and provides a clear path towards generating disruptive, transformative, new, bright ideas.


more than 1/3 of our 52 team members have 10+ years of experience in advertising. The Spasic \ Tranca team is the oldest Romanian creative team, turning 17 in August.


the Client Service & Project Management team is trained with different sized clients and projects so as to rise up to any challenge. Good is how they are, fast is what they do best.


extensive experience on clients with extremely sensitive processes allows for a conduct that revolves around attention to detail. The last brochure with a type error dates back to 2005.


all our crew members are trained to protect every bit of information supplied by our clients. We take pride in never have had any breach of confidentiality in more than 12 years on the market.


the Strategy & Research team combines 3 types of planning, for a genuine 360 approach: Idea planning, Business Planning and Insight Planning.

Business Thinking

before anything else, we focus on understanding your business needs. Art directors @ FRIENDS \ TBWA design layouts fully aware of where the chocolate trucks come from.

New Tech

we are a mixture of marketing, creative, strategic and production specialists that aim to design breakthrough ideas that exploit cutting-edge materials & technology. Ask for a credential with our latest in new tech & media solutions.


FRIENDS \ TBWA is run by hands-on founders, involved in day-to day thinking for clients. So stepping into the client’s shoes and acting like we’d be spending our own money comes natural.


Eastern Europe can quite often be a playground for debatable business ethics. If your company is looking for a business partner with an immaculate background, FRIENDS \ TBWA is the right partner.


our DNA is good, our mission is to make better. We spend around 10% of our annual profits through the Friends For Friends Foundation. Plus, on average, we take 3 to 5 pro-bono projects per year, depending on time and resources.


we use our category knowledge, meta-data analysis, research and Disruption® LIVE in a way that allows for generous developments, in a consumer-centric model. In plain words, we know a lot about consumer habits and are ready to learn even more.


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Summer 2015 Sell-out Campaign

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Mini - 2015

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BMW - 2015

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Breakfast in bed

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German Weeks

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Romanian Weeks Campaign #2


This is an agency for marketers with messy hair and a hungry heart. This is an agency for rebels, lovers and heroes. This is an agency for foolish people that believe in the power of ideas and are ready to embrace transformation. This is an agency for explorers of all kinds. This is an agency for smarter brands. This is an agency for smarter brands that aim to build a win-win relation with their consumers. This is an agency that learns, un-learns, re-learns and is ready to share risk with its partners. This is an agency that injects magic into marketing plans by means of soul, mastery and knowledge. This is an agency that will question all your answers and curiously bring purpose to your business quest. This is an agency where campaigns are hand-made by hardworking wizards. This is an agency that gets things done.

When was the last time your agency was magic?